What should I do if the electrostatic spray gun is not static?

What should I do if the electrostatic spray gun is not static?

1, the first is the electrostatic generator has a problem, the electrostatic generator high voltage package leakage or PC motherboard damage, need to be replaced to ensure the normal use of static electricity;

2. The second is that there is a problem with the high-voltage cable of the spray gun. The damage or leakage may cause the electrostatic spray gun to spray without static electricity to the workpiece.

5. How to clean and maintain the electrostatic spray gun

1 , the cleaning of the spray gun

Immediately after use, the gun and its accessories should be cleaned. The main cause of the gun failure is no maintenance and no cleaning.

When cleaning the suction-in spray gun, first remove the paint can and flow the paint suction tube into the cup. Then release the air cap 2-3 turns, block the air cap with a folded rag, and then pull the trigger. This allows the paint in the gun to flow back into the paint can.

Note: The air pressure used should be low. When the paint can is still mounted on the gun, do not perform the above operation, otherwise the paint will splash out of the tank.

Re-tighten the air cap and pour the paint from the paint canister back into the original large can. Clean the inside of the cup and the lid with a solvent and a thin brush and wipe off the residue with a cloth dampened with solvent. Then pour a little clean detergent into the cup, pull the trigger, spray the cleaner, and clean the delivery tube.

Then remove the air cap, soak in a thinner or solvent, and clean the clogged holes with a soft brush like a round-head toothbrush or a broom. Remember, you should never use a sharp thing like a nail wire to clean these holes, because these holes are all precision drilled. Clean the nozzle with a spray gun and solvent. Wipe the outside of the gun body with a rag that has been soaked in thinner, taking care to wipe off any traces of paint.

Note: If the gun is not cleaned immediately after use, the nozzle will be partially or completely blocked, causing the spray from the spray gun to split (spray out dry paint fragments) or the spray shape is incorrect. This is especially true for enamels with additives. Because the enamel will harden inside the gun if it is not cleaned immediately after use.

2 , the maintenance of the spray gun

It is best to lubricate the guns after working each day and lubricate the parts with a light machine. Seals, springs, needles and nozzles must be replaced periodically due to normal wear and aging. Replacement should be carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions. Excessive oil can flow into the paint and oil passages, causing spray defects, so care must be taken when lubricating, and the oil and paint mix will reduce the quality of the spray.

Do not soak the entire gun in the cleaning solution for a long time, which will harden the seal and damage the lubrication.

For the best repair results, use different spray guns for different coatings and situations. It is recommended that each person be equipped with four spray guns, one for primer, medium coating, one for topcoat, varnish layer, one for silver paint, and one small repair gun for point repair. use. If these guns maintain good cleaning and work order, they will save a lot of adjustment and cleaning time when changing guns.

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