What kind of Feng Shui is in the family decoration?

Contractor's Packing: The home decoration contractor means that the contract signed by the owner and the decoration company is responsible for the procurement of all construction materials and is responsible for the construction (generally not including the installation of equipment, such as air conditioners, kitchen equipment, etc.).

Bao Qinggong: Bao Qinggong means that the construction contract signed by the owner and the decoration company stipulates that the decoration company is only responsible for the construction, and all the construction materials are purchased by the owner himself. Contracting accessories: contracting auxiliary materials refers to the project contracting method signed by the owner and the decoration company. The decoration company is responsible for the construction and is responsible for the procurement of some construction auxiliary materials, while the owner is responsible for the procurement of the main materials.

Clear oil: Clear oil means that the surface oil decoration of engineering wood products is finished with varnish, and the wood grain of wood products can be clearly seen after the oil decoration is completed. Mixed oil: Mixed oil means that the surface oil of engineering wood products is finished with a blending paint, and the surface of the wood product is determined by the color of the paint used.

Home improvement contract: At present, the Beijing home improvement industry uses the revised version of the "2003" revised "Construction Contract for Family Room Decoration" by the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce. The contract provides for the payment method of home decoration, the standard of use, phased acceptance, breach of contract liability, mediation of disputes, material supply of both parties, completion acceptance, project settlement and warranty.

Concealed works: In home decoration projects, concealed works refer to projects that are not visible in the later stages of the project. For example, circuit transformation, waterway reconstruction, wooden keel under the solid wood floor, wooden keel construction of other woodworking projects, waterproof engineering, and so on.

Acceptance: Acceptance includes concealed project acceptance, finish engineering acceptance, installation project acceptance, project completion acceptance, etc. The acceptance of each stage is in accordance with the provisions of the contract, according to the relevant standards for the acceptance of the project.

Settlement: The settlement of the home decoration is the check and payment of the amount of work and the amount of completion of the project after the completion of the project. For the work at this stage, the project payment should be calculated based on the principle of multiple refunds, additional additions, and deductions, and finally settled according to the amount of settlements approved by both parties. Warranty: According to the Ministry of Construction's "Residential Interior Decoration Management Measures", starting from May 1, 2002, the warranty for residential interior decoration projects has clearly stipulated that the minimum warranty period is two years.

Design plan: The construction documents completed by the designer of the decoration company according to the customer's requirements, generally including the design drawings, construction instructions, bill of materials, and project budget.

Design Drawings: Design drawings for general home renovations should include floor plans, circuit schematics, elevations (if needed), ceiling maps (if needed), and some detailed instructions. The elements of the drawing should include, scale, dimensioning, material description, and process practices.

Project Budget: The project budget is the basis for the owner to check whether his project investment is in line with the expected cost of the project. A complete budget should include the project, the quantity of the project, the unit price, the total cost of the individual items, the necessary explanations, and the total price. Liability for breach of contract: The liability for breach of contract means that the parties to the contract have not completed the necessary work in accordance with the contents of the contract. For example, the owner did not pay the construction cost according to the stipulated time, or the decoration company did not complete the project according to the time agreed in the contract and changed the construction materials privately.

Standard: The home improvement project has relevant regulations on the quality of the project and the indoor air quality after the completion of the project. The quality of the project for home decoration is currently mainly based on the “Quality Acceptance Standard for Home Decoration Projects”, or the use of “Advanced Decoration Engineering” according to actual conditions. Quality Acceptance Assessment Criteria." Air quality is currently mainly used in the "Household Environmental Pollution Control Code for Civil Buildings" or "Indoor Air Quality Standards". Environmental protection: In the hearts of everyone, the feeling of environmental protection is that after the completion of the interior decoration project, the indoor environment is tested according to relevant standards, and the results are up to standard.

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Ferroalloys, generalized ferroalloys, are products that are added to molten iron as a deoxidizer, elemental additive, etc. in steelmaking to provide a characteristic or meet certain requirements. An intermediate alloy of iron and one or more elements, mainly used in steel smelting. In the steel industry, all intermediate alloys for steel making, whether iron or not (such as silicon calcium alloy), are generally referred to as "iron alloys". It is customary to include certain pure metal additives and oxide additives.

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