What are the main methods for processing aluminum products?

What are the main methods for processing aluminum products?

【Aluminum Road Network】Aluminum products processing is a kind of daily necessities and industrial products that are made of aluminum alloy as the main raw material and have undergone a series of processing and packaging processes. These aluminum products are indispensable to deep processing this step. So, what is the role of aluminum product processing? What are the main methods of aluminum product processing? What is deep processing? What principles should be emphasized in deep processing? What is a treatment of aluminum product processing?

First of all, before understanding the processing of aluminum products, we first understand this element of aluminum. As we all know, aluminum is a metal element in the crust clock, it has good ductility, good flexibility, and good electrical conductivity. It can be drawn into filaments and rolled into foils. Therefore, it is often used to produce wires and cables and used in food factories for packaging. food.

It can be used in aviation, construction, automotive, food and other major industries. Then let us know about aluminum products. There are many types of aluminum products, such as cast materials, pure aluminum alloys, aluminum-manganese alloys, aluminum-magnesium alloys, aluminum-copper-tin alloys, and the like. The processed aluminum products come in several forms: sheets, plates, rolled sheets, strip extruded products, pipes, solid bars, profiles, and the like. Processing refers to the reproduction of aluminum products, while deep processing of aluminum products refers to the improvement of semi-finished aluminum products. This means that it is further manufactured on the aluminum product that has already been molded, thus making its performance more reliable.

The main methods of processing aluminum products are rolling, extrusion, stretching and forging. The deep processing of aluminum products to ensure the accuracy of the machine, the higher the better, and generally use the hydrostatic bearing spindle machine. The tool used must be a diamond-like sturdy tool and it has been professionally lapped.

Next, the cutting fluid can be used directly as an emulsion for mirror processing. One treatment of aluminum products is heat treatment, called finished heat treatment. This process covers finish annealing, solution treatment, quenching, natural aging, and artificial aging treatments. At present, there are graded aging and deformation heat treatment processes. Artificial aging can provide the mechanical properties of aluminum products, but also can enhance the stress corrosion resistance and fracture toughness of aluminum products.

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