What are the five new types of decoration materials recommended for the renovation of new materials?

When our house decoration, decoration materials is essential, now with the development of science and technology, more and more new decoration materials available to start, these materials are more to meet people's requirements for health and environmental protection, then the new decoration materials What is it? Here is a brief introduction to the next few common new decoration materials for 2017.

What are the new materials for decoration ?

Glass bricks are made of crushed glass and clay. They are popular among new types of decoration materials. Their biggest feature is the combination of glass ceramic characteristics, and the performance is even better. Glass is a new type of material. With high strength, high hardness can be used repeatedly features.

What are the new materials for decoration ?: Cork materials

This kind of cork material is originated from oak. The texture is very soft, the texture of the wood is very clear, and the color is light yellow. At present, this new type of decoration material is often used in the production of wallboards, sound insulation boards, etc. It is excellent in corrosion resistance, aggressiveness, heat insulation and sealing effect, and it is non-toxic and odorless. It is often used as a cork stopper before it is used as a decoration material.

What are the three new decoration materials : porcelain polished tiles

Porcelain tiles are also known as Seiko bricks. It is a very popular home decoration. It has excellent decorative properties and can compete with natural Huang Gangyan. This new type of material can be divided into The four categories are percolation polished tiles, micro powder turning, multi-tube polished tiles, and microcrystalline stones. This material is very durable and has a very good color. However, the quality of porcelain polished tiles on the market is uneven. Users Need to be carefully selected during the purchase.

What are the four new decoration materials : soft stone flooring

Soft stone flooring is made of natural marble powder and other polymer materials. It is a kind of green and non-polluting material in new decoration materials. In addition to the characteristics of fire prevention, light resistance and soft texture, it can also be used as a recycling material. The materials are reused without any pollution.

What are the five new decoration materials : liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper belongs to a new type of wallpaper. It is actually a kind of water-based paint. Like its common paint, it has strong anti-fouling ability. It also has excellent moisture-proof and anti-bacterial effects, and will not easily appear aging, worms, The phenomenon of cracking is longer than those traditionally used.

Article Summary: The above is related to the introduction of five common new materials for decoration , hoping to give people some help in the renovation, these new materials have better performance than the original materials, but also change the price, the owner needs Choose according to your own conditions.

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