What are the advantages of modern luxury decoration style?

There are many styles when decorating, but not every style is very suitable for your own home decoration, but Xiaobian friends introduce modern luxury decoration style, our modern luxury decoration style has great characteristics. And there are many advantages, like friends who can refer to it, and what are the precautions in our style decoration, let's take a look.


First, what are the advantages of modern luxury decoration style?

1. This modern luxury style is a reflection of the relatively traditional luxury design concept. The core idea is to interpret luxury in a low-key way, focusing on designing a higher quality living space. But to decorate the interior space. The materials and elements of science and technology can reflect the quality and texture of the space. In this aspect of design, the elements of classic and modern are perfectly combined. The designer uses rational and wise design to interpret the occupants' pursuit of high quality and simplicity and comfortable life. attitude.

2, the main feature of this style is mainly black, so this style was originally produced using African ebony, ebony mostly black or dark. Then the baking process gradually replaced the ebony, and the transition from the luxurious taste to the light color, the transition to the middle color and white, is no longer the black gold and silver glass route of Art Deco.


Second, what are the modern luxury decoration precautions?

1. The simple style of decoration is the flexibility of space and its practicability. In design, it should be infiltrated according to the mutual functional relationship between the spaces, so that the utilization rate of space is the highest. The only way to divide the space is not necessarily limited to hard walls, so you can divide it through furniture, displays, ceilings, floor materials and even light changes. It has good compatibility, fluidity and flexibility. Sex.

2, and such style decoration mostly uses geometric lines to decorate, the selected colors are also relatively bright and bright, and the color design is greatly influenced by the modern painting genre. Pursue an eternal artistic theme of universal significance by emphasizing the contrast coordination between primary colors. Therefore, in the simple style decoration home decoration painting, the choice of fabric also plays an important role in the overall color effect.

3, the choice of style materials for decoration, not only limited to traditional wood, stone, tile and other natural materials, but to glass, plastic, metal, paint and synthetic materials, the structure between the materials The relationship shows a high-tech interior space that is different from the traditional style. It should be noted that special treatment methods and fine construction techniques are often required to achieve the desired results in the transfer between materials.

Through our above articles, friends have learned that this modern luxury decoration style has many characteristics, and there are some precautions when decorating such styles. I hope that the introduction of this style can bring some friends. Value reference, our decoration home network has other decorative information, everyone continues to pay attention.

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