The steps to decorate the house by yourself

The self-renovated houses mentioned here refer to the renovation workers to decorate the house. It is not entirely up to the house to decorate the house. There are about 18 steps to decorate the house . The 18 steps of the steps to decorate the house are not difficult, and there is nothing special to say. Here is also the order of purchase.

Purchase order:

(1) Tools (2) Radiators (3) Finished doors (4) Cabinets (5) Hoods, cooktops, sterilizers, dishwashers, etc. (6) Water heaters (7) Tiles (8) Furniture (9) Ware, Faucet(10) Paints, wall paints, lacquers, etc.(11) Panels, sockets (12) Lamps (13) Aluminum buckles (14) Racks, window rails, bathroom hardware (15) Floors (16) Curtains, Bedding

Decoration order:

(1) Main body remodeling (2) Hydroelectric reform (3) Packing pipe (4) Tile (5) Carpentry (wash mouth, etc.) (6) Brush oil (7) Wall paint or wallpaper (8) Install socket panel ( 9) Kitchen ceiling (10) Cabinet (11) Install finished door (12) Install lighting, sanitary ware, bathroom hardware (13) Install drying racks, window rails (14) Floor (15) Radiator (16) Wasteland cleaning ( 17) Furniture and Home Appliances (18) Curtains and Bedding

The above simple to say that their own steps to decorate the house , the following way to save money on the new house decoration method!

1. During the renovation, they all started with puddles. To save money on the plyers, they started from the tiles. The principle of money-saving brick purchase is this: At present, the cheapest wall brick is the 200x300mm glazed brick. The density of the tiles is required and the quality cannot be a problem. Tiles can choose 300x300 non-slip bricks, such bricks are more reliable quality. However, the living room and bedroom do not need to use non-slip tiles, which can be tiled with vitrified tiles. Its antifouling ability is stronger.

2. If your home carpentry uses mixed oil, white wood veneer and lines can be used. This material is cheap, simple in style and saves a lot of money. This way to save money is more costly than running a broken leg everywhere you don't know.

3. When buying a latex paint, do not control what is the five-in-one or three-in-one, regardless of the second or third generation. Remember to buy regular goods from well-known brands. The quality of the same brand of latex paint should not be much worse. Do not pursue high-end, high-end if you use the price of silver, want to save money to find a high cost.

4. When it comes to buying wooden floors, the mentality is very important. Some people do not like the wooden floor with chromatic aberration. In fact, if you can accept wooden flooring with chromatic aberration, talk to your boss about the price you should be able to buy at a cheap price. Wooden floor. The chromatic wood floor texture is very natural, and I'm quite fond of it.

The steps to decorate the house and how to decorate the new house save money. I believe that the owners are very much interested in understanding the decoration issues. Everyone wants to spend the least money to decorate the best results. This requires the owners to be familiar with the decoration process, and it may be inspiring to go to the neighbor's home and walk around.

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