Ten doors and windows brand 2018 doors and windows brand which

A house without doors and windows is absolutely impossible. It is like living in a sealed box. A fully enclosed space must not be able to live. Therefore, it is necessary to configure doors and windows. Therefore, it is also important to choose a good brand so that quality can be guaranteed. So, let's take a look at the ten major brands of doors and windows, and what are the brands of doors and windows?

Ten doors and windows brand 2018 one, Iraqi shield doors and windows

Yidun is a professional aluminum alloy and aluminum wood door and window R&D company which integrates R&D, production, sales, technology, and service. It is a well-known brand of doors and windows in China. Its sales scope is internationalized, and there are many specialty stores and distributors. , also invited the famous star Shao Bing as its endorsement.

Ten doors and windows brand 2018 two, Hennessy doors and windows

Hennessy Gate Owners Camp high-grade Si-Mg-Al-alloy aluminum doors, windows, all kinds of aluminum doors, heavy-duty aluminum doors, bathroom partition doors, ecological wooden doors, etc., is also a very famous brand of doors and windows, high-priced invited the star Zhang Fengyi endorsement of its Brand.

Ten doors and windows brand 2018 three, Fu Xuan doors and windows

Fuxuan is a well-known door and window brand in Foshan, Guangdong Province. Its business line mainly consists of high-end aluminum alloy door and window design R&D and manufacturing. Of course, market sales is a major business and its overall strength is still very good.

Ten doors and windows brand 2018 four, the United States and the choice of doors and windows

The choice of the United States is also the brand of doors and windows established in Foshan City. Founded in 1998, this brand is also a modern home door company integrating design and after-sales service.

Ten doors and windows brand 2018 five, Emperor sent doors and windows

This is Chen Baoguo's endorsement of the door and window brand, the Huangpai is a relatively young brand, has only 10 years of history, good development momentum is not bad, has a very old brand of doors and windows do not have the advantage.

Ten doors and windows brand 2018 six hundred million combined doors and windows

Guangdong billion door and window brand was built in 2008, its market positioning is relatively high-end, mainly high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, sun room, the original wood door and shower room and other home building materials product line design to sales.

Ten doors and windows brand 2018 7, new standard doors and windows

The new standard doors and windows are very well-known brands. They also invited star Gu Tianle to speak for them. Their family is mainly producing household products such as wardrobes and doors and windows.

Ten doors and windows brand 2018 eight, Rolandini windows and doors

Rolandini window and door is a comprehensive brand from production to sales of one-stop business, including high-grade sun room, aluminum alloy and aluminum-wood composite doors and windows, building curtain wall and other high-end residential products.

Ten doors and windows brand 2018 nine, Yu'an doors and windows

Yu'an Windows and Doors is also a modern enterprise integrating design, R&D, production, and sales services. Its products include heavy-duty sliding doors, swing doors, sliding windows, casement windows, broken bridge windows, and hanging doors. Aluminum alloy doors and windows products.

Ten doors and windows brand 2018 ten, Xinhao Xuan doors and windows

Xinhao Xuan doors and windows this brand is also good, its products are mainly aluminum door company, solid wood composite doors, stainless steel explosion-proof doors and so on.

Editor's summary: The above is about the ten key window brand 2018, as well as what related to the door and window brand. The quality of the doors and windows of these brands is relatively good. If you do not know how to choose doors and windows, you may want to start with the brand, and then choose according to your actual needs.

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