Seamless steel pipe, hot stretch reducing pipe, the difference between straight seam pipe

At present, the market competition for seamless steel pipe is becoming more and more fierce. Due to the limitation of its production technology, the production cost of seamless steel pipe has always been high, resulting in the gradual decline of its economic benefits. With the technological progress of China's metallurgical industry to replace the seamless steel pipe - the new products have begun to emerge, then the new product in the end can achieve the seamless pipe of the indicators? What are the essential differences between them? Here are two easily confused products on the market, the hot stretch reducing pipe and straight seam - the difference between the pipe to do a simple exposition. 1, the quality of the weld directly determines the quality of welded pipe, but also the greatest difference between welded pipe and seamless pipe. Longitudinal welded pipe welding at high frequency, straight seam in the carbon can not be eliminated, the weld and the mother just convergence together, and not completely fused as a whole - can not stand the test of time and high pressure. Hot stretch reducing pipe after high frequency welding but also through the 800-degree heat of the overall heating, the overall annealing, and then open change treatment, after a series of processes, the weld and the parent organization of the performance - the same, completely melted One, well done from seam to seamless transition. 2, the process caused by the difference in product quality, hot-stretch steel pipe in the high-frequency welding also conducted a straight seam welded pipe processes are not carried out ------ online and internal removal of burrs. The presence of glitches affects the flow of fluid in the tube, and the glitch blocks the normal flow of fluid, creating vortices. According to the principle of hydrodynamics, the partial pressure of welding seam will inevitably increase, and the insurance coefficient of welded pipe will be greatly reduced due to the uneven force. In the process of hot stretch reducing pipe production process, full consideration of the risk of burr, So that its wall thickness uniform, seamless appearance and no difference. Therefore, from this point of view, the hot-tensioned steel pipe has also completed the transition from sewn to seamless. Of course, the difference between the two is not limited to the above three points, but enough to show that there is still a big difference between straight-welded pipe and hot-tensioned steel pipe. The latter in the longitudinal welded pipe on the basis of another on-line removal of internal and external burrs, the overall heating -, type change and a series of new technology to deal with, so that it has made a qualitative leap in the field of high pressure can be widely used, and straight Welded pipe can only be confined to the low-pressure water gas transport environment. Although at present, some people only have a vague understanding of the three products of seamless steel pipe, hot-tensioned steel pipe and longitudinal welded pipe, it is believed that with the passage of time and practice, people will correctly understand the hot-tensioned steel pipe This unique product, make it more and more in the seamless steel pipe market - big role for the community to create greater economic benefits

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