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The living room is a place for our guests, and it is indispensable to watch TV together. At this time, the living room TV background wall is a very important project for decoration. We should make this wall beautiful and practical as much as possible. effect. Then the living room TV background wall decoration What are the main points of it? What kind of material for us to be able to choose it? Let us look at it.

The position of the living room TV background wall is best chosen to be opposite the sofa. The distance should not be too close. Let the TV look very close when sitting on the sofa, and it can be seen clearly. The height of the TV suspension is best to sit with It is flat on the sofa to ensure our eye health. And if you like to turn off the lights and watch TV, I suggest you put one or two backlights on the TV wall, which not only looks good, but also protects your eyesight.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of TVs of various kinds. Everyone has made great efforts in pursuing the "light and thin" aspect of TV. Although many TVs are now selling under the concept of "ultra-thin" and "very thin". TV, but after all, it still has a certain weight. We must be firm and stable when constructing the TV wall to prevent hidden dangers after hanging a large-sized computer.

For the power cable and signal cable of the living room TV background wall, it is necessary to lay the position where the TV is easy to plug in, check whether the base has hidden dangers, the grounding wire should be reliable, and the signal wire should be grounded, which can effectively prevent fire hazards.

So what kind of materials do we choose when we decorate the living room TV background wall? What are the decorations? Let me introduce them one by one!

1, wallpaper wall covering

Wallpapers or wall coverings are available in a variety of colors and colors. Many people will use it as a material for the living room TV background, and the embellishment effect is very good. It is also very simple and convenient during construction and replacement. With the development of technology, wallpaper and The wall covering process is becoming more environmentally friendly. To say that its shortcoming is that there is no sense of three-dimensional, there is no way to scrub, if there is aging, you can only tear off the re-stick.

2, stone

Stone is also divided into natural stone and artificial stone. Whether it is artificial or natural, its color and texture are very natural. It is very luxurious to decorate the living room wall, but the material of stone is very heavy. Therefore, the keel should be fixed in advance when installing, and it is troublesome to install.

3, tiles

In recent years, ceramic tile is also very popular as a living room TV background. Not only the line border is very beautiful, but also the beautifully designed patterns. The three-dimensional effect is very good, and it also has rich layers of colors. It is very strong in ornamental and decorative. Practicality.

4, soft bag material

The use of light-weight cotton or leather to include the TV wall, which has a strong three-dimensional effect, can also play a soundproofing effect, is one of the very popular TV wall decoration in recent years.

5, paint spraying

The use of paint to spray or reclaim individual patterns is also the choice of people to pursue individuality. Whether it is flowers, characters, cartoons, it can be drawn vividly. It is very artistic and the cost will be greatly reduced. However, it must be coordinated with the living room style when designing. Or it will look very awkward.

By reading the above article, everyone has a certain understanding of the decoration of the living room TV background wall. No matter which method or material is chosen, it can make the living room look beautiful and the design is rich. It is a very important decoration point of the TV background wall. Be sure to pay attention when decorating. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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