Kitchen installation folding door OK kitchen installation folding door advantages and disadvantages

According to Xiao Bian's daily survey, some people's kitchens like to install folding doors, but for the owners of the kitchen to install folding doors have a good evaluation also have a bad evaluation, then the kitchen to install folding doors in the end is good or not? Next and small Let's take a look at the kitchen installation folding door!

First, kitchen installation folding door: advantages

1. Beautiful and fashionable

The appearance of folding doors is not only beautiful, but also has a different design. Therefore, the probability that folding doors are used in home furnishings is also very high. For example, balconies, restaurants, etc., and many open kitchens also use folding doors. Improve your own visual effects and bring fashion and personality to your home.

2. Good sealing

The folding doors of the kitchen can fully take into account the compactness of the folding doors. When the folding doors are closed, they can effectively isolate the fumes and vapors from the kitchen in the kitchen space, which can effectively avoid the fumes from cooking. Diffused into the living room or room.

Second, the kitchen installation folding door: shortcomings

1. Fading

Although the kitchen has some advantages in the installation of folding doors, there are some drawbacks that cannot be avoided. Usually the kitchen has the most fumes and is the most likely to accumulate oil. Therefore, the folding door of the kitchen is easily stained with oil. After a while, the door is used. There will be traces of oil on it, so people need to use neutral detergent to clean the folding door, but some organic solvent will not cause the discoloration of the folding door, which makes the folding door of the kitchen look serious. decline.

2. easily damaged

Compared with other types of doors, folding doors are relatively fragile, easily damaged, and the kitchen is often used in the home. Therefore, when the folding door is often used by pushing and pulling, the pulley and other parts are more likely to be damaged or Deformation may even cause difficulties. Therefore, if you want to install a folding door in your kitchen, you must choose a better quality accessory.

3. Breeding bacteria

The kitchen is where people cook, so the requirements for hygiene are also extremely high. No matter which position you have, you must keep it clean and tidy, avoid bacteria in the kitchen, and pose a threat to your family's health. However, the folding door is very easy to breed bacteria. If it is not cleaned in time, more and more substances will accumulate, affecting the appearance of the family, and the gaps in the folding doors will be too much troublesome to clean up, so that bacteria can easily grow.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is Xiaobian for everyone to share the kitchen installation folding door is good and the advantages and disadvantages of the kitchen installation folding door introduction, from the above share you can see that the folding door is both beneficial and disadvantageous, the specific needs to be based on the owner's own Hobbies to decide, hope that the above sharing can help everyone, if you need more information, please continue to pay attention to this site.

Kitchen installation folding door

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