Integrated control of grafted cucumber root rot

It is understood that root rot occurs in the production of grafted cucumber, which affects the yield and benefit of cucumber. The following measures can be taken to prevent and control this phenomenon:

1. Do a good job in disinfecting the seedbed. In the high temperature season, the greenhouse is closed in sunny days, the seedling bed or the nursery greenhouse is covered with plastic film, and the soil is disinfected by solar high temperature suffocation. The bed soil is treated at 50 °C for 10 minutes, which can kill most of the disease in the soil. The pathogen can greatly reduce the incidence rate; for the heavily affected plots or seedbeds, the pesticide fungicides carbendazim, diclosan or methyl thiophanate can be used, and the drug and soil are formulated into a medicinal soil at a ratio of 1:10, before sowing or planting. The soil is disinfected by the soil, and the bed soil treatment can also be carried out with drugs such as Luheng No. 1 (soil fungus, dysentery).

2. Strengthen management and improve resistance. Before the planting, the soil was tested and fertilized, and the organic fertilizer was added. After planting, the watering is properly controlled in the early stage to increase the ground temperature and promote root development. After the melon is added, the number of watering is appropriately increased and the fertilizer is applied in time to prevent the premature aging of the plant. Pay attention to ventilation and dehumidification.

3. Use resistant rootstock varieties. For example, the new varieties of yellow seed pumpkin rootstocks such as Oasis Angel and Shengen, which are jointly selected by the Economic Crops Research Institute of Hebei Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences and Tangshan Hengfeng Seed Industry.

4. Drug control. In the early stage of the disease, 30% of the 5% of the carbaryl carbendazim solution and 10% of the phenyl ether carbazole aqueous dispersing granules were 1500 times, and the root of each solution was 250 ml.

Grafting cucumber root rot occurs mostly in the cucumber production field grafted with black seed pumpkin. It grows normally before the cucumber begins to harvest, and the cucumber begins to develop after harvesting. Therefore, it is very important to do disease prevention work in advance.

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