Hunan Jiuwang Steel teaches you how to identify "floor bars"!

"Guanzigang" belongs to the products that the state has ordered to be phased out, and it is the object of severe crackdowns by the quality supervision department. However, many people may not have a very clear concept for "dome steel bars." So what is "dome steel" in the end? Why is it an illegal product? How is it made?

According to the interpretation of the former State Economic and Trade Commission and related documents, “Ground Strip Steel” must have three elements, (1) using scrap steel as raw material, (2) melting through induction furnaces, etc. (3) It cannot effectively perform composition and quality control. These are: The three major elements of the "Ground Strip" property, with these three points can be identified as "Ground Strip Steel." Hunan Jiuwang Steel provides you with quality steel.

Steelmaking must go through several steps such as charging, melting, redox, and tapping. Redox is a critical step. It is related to the quality of the steel. During the steelmaking process, it must undergo an oxidation process to ensure the quality of the steel. The most critical step in the furnace without redox is that the chemical composition of the steel cannot be effectively controlled.

“Grid Steel” is a product that has been explicitly eliminated by the country. According to the relevant provisions of the “Product Quality Law,” products that are ordered to be eliminated by the state are not considered for their use, and as long as they are included in the range of products that are explicitly ordered to be eliminated, they must not be produced or sold.

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