How to prevent the occurrence of residential electrical fire?

People often say that electrical fires generally refer to the heat released by electrical circuits, electrical equipment, appliances, and power distribution equipment. For example, the hot surface of an electric heating appliance is a fire caused by igniting a body or other flammable material under a burning condition, and of course, it includes a fire caused by lightning and static electricity.
How to prevent common residential electrical fire hazards
No flammable materials shall be stored in the indoor switchboard, and there shall be short-circuit protection devices. The connection of the protection device's in-out terminal shall be firm, and the end of the wires shall be insulated from aging. Wires, copper wires, etc. should not be used instead of fuses.
When using a mobile socket to take power, the charge should match the existing electrical circuit's safety load and should not be freely pulled.
Wires, switches, sockets, and household appliances should use qualified products and should not exceed the service life.
Electric vehicles should not be illegally parked in public areas such as stairwells, walkways, and foyers, or illegal electric cables should be used to charge electric vehicles.
Household appliances (except long-term electrical equipment) should not be powered for a long time in a standby state, and adults should be given the habit of going out of power.
It is necessary to master methods of prevention and suppression of electrical fires.

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