Hardware industry becomes cheap and "live business card"

In recent years, with the increasingly fierce competition in the hardware market, more and more people have turned their attention to the township hardware market. Recently, I walked into the Gushan Hardware Market, which is located beside the line of Dongyong. I saw that in the vast market, rows of stores are organized and orderly, all kinds of hardware products are readily available, stainless steel products, kitchen supplies, locks, scales, An assortment of practical hardware products such as scooters attracts wholesalers from all over the country to purchase.

A hardware tool store owner told the author that as a production and life necessities and consumables, the hardware industry basically does not say the sun or the sun, the year's light season is not particularly obvious. Gushan Hardware Market has a history of more than ten years, where almost all the local hardware has been brought together, with obvious regional characteristics. Most of the hardware products sold are from Gushan, Chih-ying and surrounding companies, and a large part of it is produced by the company itself. There is a large selection of customers and there are obvious advantages in price.

At the junction of the hardware market, the most noticeable are several container trucks. Drivers are sitting next to the containers waiting for the merchants to check the goods. Chen Chen, a driver of a container truck at Chenkeng Chencun, Gushan Town, Gushan Town, told the author: “I have started to run the transportation when this hardware market has not yet been built.” It is understood that there are three container trucks owned by Master Chen and all of them are running Yiwu Line. The Yiwu line full-time driver. Each item costs 2 yuan. Every day, he will give the merchants here to ship thousands of goods to the Yiwu consignment station.

Speaking of the fast logistics, Ms. Huo is very happy: “Our logistics and freight transportation is very convenient. The Shiya Logistics Center is also five minutes away from the market. Some logistics companies directly park trucks near the market to pick up goods, like Ningbo. The routes in the provinces such as Yiwu and Wenzhou are even more convenient. The check-in car is waiting at the market entrance. Merchants can only ship with one phone call and they can pick up parts the same day or the next morning. The Gushan Hardware Market is just like their warehouse."

The author visited the entire market and most of the merchants reported that the business was good recently. "Many hardware companies have come to us to purchase goods, there are many online businesses, but also look at our market. Do hardware, is a real small business, selling very fragmented, not only variety, style, and more Merchants have plenty of choices."

Mr. Cheng, who is currently buying goods in a store, introduced that he had been operating an online store for more than three years. The online store operation was originally to win at a reasonable price. Before that, most of his products were taken to the Hardware City. “I found this side later. The market is cheaper than the hardware city. I can't choose another market if I can purchase here,” Mr. Cheng said.

Some shopkeepers also confirmed that online shops chose to purchase goods here, which undoubtedly became the "living card" of their market. With the experience of online store sales, some large-scale hardware stores have also established online purchasing systems. Take samples of new products sold in the store, and then attach images of these samples to web pages with explanatory texts that describe product features or selling points. As long as the dealer can access the Internet, they can immediately see these pictures and descriptions, and accordingly determine the type and quantity of the purchase.

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