Grasp the tigers in the spring corn field

   Recently, a survey of technicians in Hebei Pixian County found that tigers in spring corn fields were seriously affected, reminding the majority of growers to take precautions.

    The ground tiger is the most damaging to the larvae, and the life and harm of the larvae of different ages are different. 1 、 2nd instar larvae staying up late, feeding on heart leaves or young leaves; 3 days old, hiding in the soil during the day, night out activities are harmful, biting off the young stems of the seedlings, causing lack of seedlings; 4th instar larvae are more harmful, resistant The medicinal properties are also greatly enhanced. Therefore, drug control should eliminate larvae before the age of 3 years.

    In the prevention and control of ground tigers, measures must be taken to combine moths, weeding, pharmacy, and artificial control to effectively control the damage.

    It is the best policy to control adult tigers by trapping adult insects, which can greatly reduce the number of first generation larvae. The method is to use black light and sweet and sour liquid to trap.

    Eliminating weeds and weeds is the spawning place of the tigers. It promptly removes weeds from the ground, the ground, and the Tianji road, and takes them to the field for timely treatment or manure, which can eliminate some eggs or larvae.

   Spraying in the evening to use 2.5% deltamethrin EC 2000 times solution or 4.5 days Longbao beta-cypermethrin EC 3500~4000 times solution or 50% phoxim EC 1000 times solution (to strictly control the dosage) spray.


    Applicator toxic soil, sand prevention drug with 50% phoxim 0.5 kg amount of water, mixed with 100 kg fine soil injection, or parts of 20% with a mevinphos permethrin EC 2000 parts sand mix uniform field applicator.

    Bait trap for fourth instar larvae with more than bait trap better. The 0.5 kg of 90% water-Open trichlorfon, add approximately 5 liters of water, sprayed on the saute soapstock (also used instead of cottonseed husks) with stir Serve. 4 to 5 kilograms of poison bait per acre , applied in the evening.

    When the insects are aged, 80% dichlorvos EC or 50% phoxim is used, and 0.2 kg per acre is applied with 400 kg of water , or coated with plant stems.

    Artificially catching the damaged land, when there is a broken seedling in the field, the topsoil or wheat straw near the broken seedlings can be opened in the morning to kill the young larvae.

Zhang Mingjun, Yue Zhaoxiang, Agricultural Bureau of Ganyu County, Hebei Province


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