European tungsten iron prices fall, while APT continues to rise

European tungsten iron prices continued to fall on Wednesday, the market is very calm, trading volume is small, but supported by high quotations from Chinese exporters, European APT prices rose again.

75% of ferro-tungsten dropped from the previous 29-30 US dollars / kg to 28.50-29.50 US dollars / kg, the market only came a small batch of trading volume.

One consumer bought a truck of tungsten iron at a spot price of $28.80/kg, while some traders reported that some deals were sold at $29/kg.

Although the tungsten-iron market has been quiet in the past two months, the negative impact of the summer summer recession on the tungsten-iron market is not as great as the impact on other ferroalloys.

A European trader said: "In the past eight weeks, the tungsten-iron market has been very calm. I have not received any active enquiries, and Chinese exporters have been rising in the weak European market. The Chinese exporters are now The quotations are all in the new range. Recently, I received Chinese exporters at $29/kg and $28.80/kg respectively. However, there are few buyers in Europe, and the price is around $29/kg."

The European APT price has increased from the previous 232-237 US dollars / ton to 235-238 US dollars / ton, a lot of trading volume reached in the new range.

One trader made several transactions with the highest and lowest prices in the range, while one consumer bought a large bag of APT for $237/kg.

Supported by the rise of the renminbi and the strong domestic tungsten concentrate and APT prices, the offer of Chinese APT exporters has risen to 238-240 US dollars / ton (FOB).

However, European market participants suspect that the appreciation of the renminbi has greatly boosted prices.

A European consumer does not agree with the rise in the cost of the renminbi, which they believe is just an excuse. The consumer said that although he had always bought the APT at a high price in the range, he does not intend to accept more than $237/ton. He said: "It is not practical to purchase at the previous price of 232 US dollars / ton, but I do not intend to accept the price above 237 US dollars / ton, and I have not received 240 US dollars / ton. Offer.

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