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This month is the first firefighting publicity month in China.
Recently, the reporter found in an interview in Jianggan District that there are many good practices in the fire safety work in the area, all related to wisdom.
For example, the home of the Hengtang community in Yanqiao Street is also a temporary transitional house in the three districts of Dawn. It houses more than 170 elderly people, most of whom are over 75 years old. This year, Jianggan vigorously promoted the transformation of urban villages, especially the Yongqiao Street. The resettlement of the jurisdiction and the temporary transition of the elderly who lived alone in the empty nest increased sharply to more than 1,700. The old people are at home. What if there is an emergency? Their safety has become an important part of the fire safety of the entire street.
No, at 9:30 am yesterday, in the miniature fire station at the door of the residents’ home, a sudden alarm sounded.
Fire alarm cloud platform real-time communication 7 "resonance"
On the display, the pop-up alarm box shows that the 2110 bedroom on the 1st floor of Building 2 has a fire hazard, and the personnel of the mini-fire station immediately act.
Of course, this is just a drill. It is a test of the newly launched intelligent detection system alarm platform.
The living room for the elderly living alone is equipped with a smoke detection alarm, a temperature detection alarm and a flammable gas detection alarm to facilitate real-time monitoring and early warning.
When the smoke, temperature or gas value reaches a certain value, the corresponding detection alarm will send an alarm signal and send the signal to the cloud data monitoring platform for the first time. The monitoring platform will send the accurate alarm address information to the linkage user at the first time. .
Once the fire alarm is discovered, the remote monitoring platform will send the precise address to the mobile phone APP, telephone and SMS three channels in the first time, and send the instructions to the 7 linkages in response to the user one by one in real time. The city's home pension platform, street smart center, micro fire station, The property control room, the local community, the grid and the first contact of the elderly can receive the information in the first time.
1700 households living alone in empty nests, equipped with a variety of equipment, cost a lot. There is an innovation in Yanqiao Street--cooperating with Hangzhou Mobile, the service equipment provider, to create a low-cost lease mode for interconnected intelligent detection and alarm systems, which will cover the cost of front-end equipment, system operation costs, installation maintenance costs, and IoT card annual fees. Paying in the form of a lease, the first contract is five years. According to statistics, the five-year lease cost of about 1,700 households in the first phase of the street is about 1.5 million yuan, and the average annual cost is about 300,000 yuan. At present, the government provides full subsidies for the services of elderly people living alone in empty nests.
Next, the street will also promote the system for nine small places and rental private houses, gradually realize the coverage of the entire area of ​​the jurisdiction, and lay a solid foundation for the construction of intelligent fire protection.
Single apartment security fire double network intelligent co-management
In the old town, single apartments are also a hidden danger.
For example, there are 2,324 apartments in Zhalongkou Street. Due to low barriers to entry, centralized tenants, complex identities, and high mobility, security, fire, and environmental issues are more prominent.
This year, the street was piloted at Langrui Building, Langshi Building, and the effect was quite good.
In these 207 single-family apartments, they explored a “hotel-style” management model – setting up a “master station” and installing a system.
The main station is to refer to the hotel hotel management mode, set up a unified reception desk on the first floor of the single apartment, implement the 24-hour double guard, and specifically undertake the single apartment rental housing display, contract signing, information collection and notification, daily management and so on.
Speaking of this system, it is very intelligent.
It is equipped with a professional face recognition verification system. It can automatically compare the tenant identity information with the back-end database of the public security system through the switch and find that there are criminals, high-risk personnel, and unemployed industry practitioners who will automatically alarm and pay attention. Up to now, more than 250 people have been verified and no suspicious persons have been found.
The fire safety of high-rise buildings, of course, should not be underestimated.
There is a set of “smart fire protection” prevention system in Zhaongkoukou Street. It relies on the grid system of “double network and dual-use, autonomous and common governance” on the street, and the supporting project system such as remote fixed-point monitoring in the jurisdiction, including fire information database and community responsibility grid. The fire prevention and control system and the fire fighting and rescue dispatching command system can realize step-by-level warning and quick response. (Reporter Sun Key correspondent Yao Chengcheng Wang Tong)

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