Do not use Feng Shui props

The best way is to use props to ease and resolve. However, just like the blade, improper use of feng shui props, the good intentions of avoiding fierce attacks, but it will lead to counter-effects.

Landscape painting error: Outflow

Water represents wealth; when landscape painting is displayed, it must be noted that the direction of water flow in the painting cannot be towards the door or outside, and the direction of the water flow is preferably in the main bedroom or in the house. And especially in the bedroom, do not put paintings that are “big horse galloping” and “tiger down the mountain”, otherwise it is easy to destroy the harmony of husband and wife.

Fengshui Sword Error: It is not appropriate to open the front

There are many types of feng shui swords. Seven-star swords, peach sacred swords, or swords made of other materials are used to restrain the sharp corners outside the house, the masts of the utility poles, and to avoid the tongue of the lawsuit. It must be noted that the Fengshui Sword does not need to open the front, and it can even be said that it is not appropriate to open the front, because the open sword is sharp, it is easy to hurt, and the blunt sword does not hurt, but it can still expel the Yin.

Gossip mirror error: committing someone else

The mirror's phlegm-removing function is a first-class one. Walking in the streets, it is easy to find gossip mirrors hanging on the walls of the eaves. Hanging gossip mirror has three points to pay attention to: 1, 12:00 at noon; 2; open the light; 3, the direction of the reflection can not be shot to someone else's house, can not turn their home's home to someone else's home.

Typhoon tank error: misplaced

To raise a pot of feng shui fish is a familiar method of reform. But because of simplicity, people think that raising fish is effective. In fact, there are quite a few things to note about fish farming. If you want to make a fortune, you must place it on the Ming Dynasty's financial position, which is the opposite of the home. The fish need only be taken care of and they should not be sick or die.

God Buddha's drawing error: no finishing touch

The people will frame the pictures of the deities and go home to worship and worship. However, they do not know that they must go through the mage to open the light and ask the Buddha to possess this picture. Because it is said that the evil spirits, demon demon and may be attached to the body of Buddha, destroy the luck of the incense worship people.

Potted plant error: let it wither

There are a lot of potted plants that turn things around and bring good luck. Money bamboo, horse-champagne, orchids, and so on are among the top few people love. When these pot plants that symbolize good fortune are given thanks, and the leaves are dead, it is imperative to replace one pot immediately before continuing to gather gas.

At the same time, some plants have a heavy yin, such as vine ferns.

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Surface: Smooth
Tenacity: Strong
Installation: Easy

Certificate: SGS,ROHS


  • Free from weakness caused by rusting, weathering and chemical actions;
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