China's non-ferrous metal foundry industry will welcome unlimited business opportunities

By 2012, China's large passenger aircraft assembly base, engine test base, and aviation electronics R&D center will be completed. During this period, trial production and production of parts will be included in the agenda. Qi Chunquan, secretary-general of China Foundry Association Die Casting Branch, said that aluminum and magnesium alloy aircraft parts should be "preservative casting" to meet their safety requirements. "China's current aluminum and magnesium alloy foundry enterprises should actively transform hardware and practice internal strength. Do a good job of management and strive to get this tempting cake."

In the advanced major equipment industry, he introduced Shanghai as an example. By 2012, Shanghai’s advanced major equipment industry will reach 120 billion yuan, including serialization and high-end of thermal power generation equipment, and promotion of millions of kilowatts of nuclear power equipment and large capacity. The transmission and distribution of supercritical thermal power units to UHV has been developed, and digital substations have been established. “Large castings and forgings must focus on breakthroughs in processes, materials and manufacturing, and form a world-class self-manufacturing capability for large-scale castings and forgings”.

With the industrialization of biodiagnostic reagents, vaccines and antibody drugs, digital high-end medical equipment will also be developed. "There are many aluminum and copper alloy castings used in these new equipment. The relevant manufacturers should intervene in the design and development of equipment as soon as possible, and gain experience. They will become qualified suppliers when they are officially put into production in the future. Yan Chunquan reminded.

When talking about new energy vehicles, he believes that the current development focus of new energy vehicles is to accelerate the industrialization of hybrid vehicles and pure electric buses, and to use many shells with thin walls, accurate positioning and high air tightness in driving motors and control systems. body. "The casting and machining of them will enable enterprises to leap to a new level in equipment and technology." In the new marine economic fields such as offshore oil exploration, seabed mining, offshore engineering, and beach development, copper and aluminum castings in large-scale equipment such as oil and gas drilling platforms, floating storage tanks, geophysical exploration pipes, pipelaying vessels, and offshore floating cranes. There will also be a certain proportion, which is also a market that cannot be underestimated.

At the same time, Qi Chunquan believes that in the field of new materials, we will focus on high-performance carbon fiber, high temperature resistant fiber, high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, and environmentally friendly energy-saving materials. “Every project will bring about a round of industrial revolution, turning these new materials into Parts are also inseparable from casting."

By 2012, the industry scale of the software and information service industry will reach 360 billion yuan. With the development and industrialization of basic software, embedded software and large-scale industry application software for the information service industry, digital TV set-top boxes are constantly associated with this. Upgraded mobile phones are the best place to use magnesium alloys in large quantities. In addition, in the integrated circuit and flat panel display industries in the field of electronic information manufacturing, magnesium alloy castings and ultrafine single crystal copper wires also have a broad market.

In addition, the state attaches great importance to the development of new and renewable energy sources. “At present, hydropower, nuclear power, wind energy, solar energy and bioenergy industries have achieved rapid growth. China's non-ferrous metal foundry industry also hopes to make breakthroughs in new energy fields.” Yan Chunquan said .

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