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For those who love nature, camping in the wild is probably the closest thing to nature. But spending a long night in the wild is not as convenient as it is in the city. You must be well prepared to cope with the confusion caused by the night. The flashlight is the most common lighting tool we have come up with. Not only is it easy to operate, but it's cheap, but she has a fatal flaw, which is that you have to manipulate it by hand, and if your hands are restrained in the wild, your actions will be constrained. So, a smart person invented the headlights.

Speaking of the headlights, you will immediately think of the stupid and heavy miner's lamp used by the miners. Yes, in fact, the headlights for outdoor camping have the same purpose as the miners used for miners, all in order to find directions in the dark. But outdoor headlights are of course lighter and more beautiful than miner's lamps. Headlights, as the name implies, are lights that can be worn on the head. Her advantage is that she can free your hands in the dark, and this is so important for living in the wild. So, in the end, do you choose a headlight or a flashlight?

Determining the type of your outings Most campers will choose headlights or flashlights, and if you are a large unit, you can bring one or two larger camp lights that illuminate the entire camp.

Small flashlights: Small flashlights that use batteries are the most common personal lighting tools. Choosing a lighter, more luminous flashlight is more suitable for a more relaxed camping, but if you want to cook with a flashlight, it is more troublesome. At this time, you still use the headlights.

Headlights: Headlights powered by batteries are the ideal outdoor lighting fixtures for the field. She is easy to use, and her best place is to liberate your hands. This allows you to cook dinner conveniently, set up tents in the dark, march in the night or write a diary in the tent. Another feature is that she does make you "see what you see".

Candle Lights: Candle lights provide us with a long-term, reliable and economical lighting method. She is the ideal solution for reading, dinner or low lighting requirements. But remember, never light a candle in the tent.

Camp Lights: Designed to illuminate larger areas. It is suitable for long-distance travel and has a large number of participants. Because this kind of lamp is bigger and more cumbersome. Camp lights use batteries and fuel. The operation of the battery is convenient, but the use time is short. The use of fuel (GAS, kerosene, alcohol or gasoline) is cumbersome to operate, but it tends to be bright and has a long life.

Small gas burners: Unlike large camp lights, these gas burners are small and easy to carry. Generally, GAS gas is used because the GAS gas tank has been pressurized beforehand, and it is not required to be pressurized when used with kerosene. GAS lamps have high illumination intensity and are used by small teams with a small number of people.

The energy used in considering the energy luminaire used determines her luminous intensity, time of use, and weight.

Battery: This is the most convenient source of energy, easy to get, and not very expensive. But if you bring a dozen batteries because you have to take a long distance, then her weight is also imaginable. In addition, remember to "don't discard the battery at will", it is best to bring her back to the "civilized society" and solve it.

Alkaline battery: cheap, long life, and there will be a certain decline time, you can easily know that she is about to consume. But her energy will decrease as the temperature decreases.

Lithium battery: More durable and more energy than alkaline batteries. Moreover, it can be used in the case of -20C or more. But she is more expensive, and she says there is no electricity when there is no electricity.

Nickel-chromium battery: commonly known as rechargeable battery. The price is higher, the useless non-rechargeable alkaline battery is used frequently, but if you have a solar battery charger, the nickel-chromium battery is a good choice.

Candles: Light weight, cheap, and long-lasting use. And it will also emit a certain amount of heat. The disadvantage is that the brightness is not high. Improper use can also be dangerous. Never let children use it!

Liquid Fuel / GAS: Some gas lamps use the same fuel as gas stoves, so your gas and gas lamps can share a single fuel. But it also means that you can't light the lights when cooking, but don't you just use the power of your headlights?

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