Application scope and development history of curtain wall aluminum veneer

Application scope and development history of curtain wall aluminum veneer

[China Aluminum Network] Aluminum curtain wall texture unique, rich color, long-lasting, and the appearance of the shape can be diversified, and can be a perfect combination of glass curtain wall materials, stone curtain wall materials. Its perfect appearance and good quality make it popular among owners. Its light weight is only one-fifth that of marble and one-third of its glass curtain wall. It greatly reduces the load on the building structure and foundation, and the maintenance cost. Low, high price performance ratio. Below, I will share with you the "application scope and development history of curtain wall aluminum panels" and I hope I can help you.

First of all, the treatment process of aluminum curtain wall can be divided into two methods, one is anodizing, and the other is electrostatic spraying. Anodized oxide film is generally more than 12μ, the color is only bronze and white, the color is monotonous, more serious drawback is the color of each aluminum plate surface shades are different, many pieces of curtain wall plate together to form a curtain wall overall effect Very ugly.

This disadvantage can be said to be impossible to eliminate, not because of the production technology, but because the aluminum plate is not a batch number, chemical composition, there are small differences, plus the electrolytic tank current density and other factors can not be exactly the same, so The number of colors after oxidation is different, and the single leaflets may not be obvious. Therefore, aluminum surface treatment of aluminum curtain walls must not be anodized.

Curtain wall aluminum veneer is generally 2 - 4mm aluminum alloy plate, in the production of wallboard, first according to the requirements of the second design for sheet metal processing, direct folding, four corners by high pressure welding into a tight groove, wall The back of the board is welded with nails to set aside the fixing bolts of the ribs. After the sheet metal work is completed, the fluorocarbon paint is sprayed. Generally, two coats and three coats are used. The thickness of the paint film is 30 to 40 μm. The aluminum alloy veneer is easy to be processed into curved and multi-folded or sharp corners. It can adapt to the needs of the ever-changing exterior wall decoration, and is rich in color. It can select any color according to the design and the requirements of the owners, realizing the broadening of the architect. Our design space.

Another method of surface treatment of curtain wall aluminum veneers is electrostatic spraying. Spraying is divided into powder spraying and liquid spraying. Powder spray material is mainly: Polyurethane, poly swell resin, epoxy resin and other materials with high color retention pigments, can get dozens of different colors of spray powder.

The spray powder, resistant to impact abrasion, under the impact of 50 kg, aluminum plate deformation, spray coating without cracks, no loss of intact layer, anti-dilution acid and mortar. The shortcomings of long-term exposure to UV rays, easy to produce a few years later the difference in the color of the yin and yang. Spray powder produced by many domestic manufacturers, the weight difference is very large, and some powder containing gold shavings after the powder hanging on the wall, with the sun angle changes, day and evening changes, the wall color shades are different, The use of powder spray coating has attracted attention.

At present, the construction industry has become China's consumption hotspot and an important point of economic growth. Domestic demand will grow steadily. Driven by the transformation of old cities and the construction of new cities, the total market share of aluminum curtain walls will continue to grow.

The curtain wall aluminum veneer has a very lightweight material, and very excellent practical performance, such as fire, moisture, sound insulation and other effects, its own potential is also very large. At present, China's environmental protection problems are prominent, and the contradiction between energy supply and demand is increasingly prominent. The state attaches great importance to the sustainable use of energy and environmental protection, and introduced a series of energy conservation and environmental protection measures.

Aluminium curtain wall products mainly consist of bright frames, dark frames and aluminum curtain walls, among which the unit curtain walls have a good development prospect in large and medium-sized cities. With the increasingly severe situation of the energy crisis, the country is also gradually promoting the promotion of building energy efficiency, there may be great changes in the structure of aluminum curtain wall products, energy saving and environmental protection will be the main trend of aluminum curtain wall.

Curtain wall aluminum construction plan

1. Tool and equipment used for curtain wall:

No tooth saw blade cutting machine, hand drill, impact drill, nail gun, a variety of drills, wrenches, screwdrivers, hand hammer, ink line, line hanging, nylon line, steel tape measure, welding machine, oxygen cutting equipment, Moving sucker, electric hanging blue, glue gun, pneumatic rivet gun, safety belt, etc.

2. Preparation of materials before entering the market:

This part of the work is the initial stage of the project. It should be based on the principles of construction services, and be completed on schedule, quality, and quantity, as follows:

(1) After the contract is signed, the designer shall submit the material use schedule for this project within a short period of time based on the architectural drawing of the project and the plan of the curtain wall project.

(2) The project manager department and the production department shall coordinate with each other to make a processing plan for the project according to the schedule of the construction schedule and the actual situation of the project site, organize and arrange the production rationally, and ensure that the product arrives on time.

3, installation process:

Transfer line →Fixed frame connection →Fixed frame →Installed aluminum plate →Closed structure processing →Inspection

4, installation notes:

1. The type, quality, color, pattern, and lines of aluminum plates should meet the design requirements and should have product certification.

2. When the steel frame of the curtain wall is made of steel keel, its specifications and shape should meet the design requirements, and rust removal and rust prevention should be performed.

3, aluminum plate installation, when the design is not required, aluminum core rivets should be used, the middle must be rubber ring. Core rivet spacing is controlled within 100-150mm.

(I) Payout

The skeleton is fixed and the position of the skeleton is projected onto the base layer. The skeleton is fixed on the main structure, and the quality of the main structure is checked before releasing the wire.

(b) Fixtures for fixing skeletons

Welding the connector fixing frame on the column of the main structure.

(c) Fixed skeleton

The skeleton is pre-preserved. The installation of the skeleton is accurate and the combination is firm. After installing the inspection center line, surface elevation. In order to ensure the installation accuracy of the board, it is preferable to use a theodolite to penetrate the vertical beam member of the beam. The deformable joints, settlement joints, variable cross-sections, etc. are properly treated to meet the requirements of use.

(four) install aluminum plate

The installation and fixing of the aluminum plate must be firm and reliable and simple and easy.

(1) The gap between the plate and the plate is internally processed to make it smooth and smooth.

(2) After the aluminum plate is installed, it shall be covered with a plastic film or other material in a location that is easily contaminated.

5, aluminum canopy construction program:

A. Tooling equipment used in aluminum canopy:

Non-tooth saw blade cutting machine, hand drill, impact drill, nail gun, a variety of drills, wrenches, screwdrivers, hand hammer, ink line, line hanging, nylon line, steel tape measure, welding machine, oxygen cutting equipment, note Glue guns, pneumatic riveters, safety belts, etc.

The installation and fixing of the aluminum plate must be firm and reliable and simple and easy.

1. The gap between the plate and the plate must be internally processed to make it flat and smooth.

2. After the aluminum plate is installed, cover the protection with a plastic film or other material at the easily contaminated site. The function of the composite aluminum curtain wall is mostly the external decoration of buildings and the external protection type, that is, the building itself has ordinary brick walls or other types of walls. In addition to its decorative effect on the building, the composite aluminum panel curtain wall installed on the outside also plays a role in the external protection of the building. Such aluminum curtain wall itself requires better wind pressure resistance, water tightness, airtightness and weatherproof sealing system.

The composite aluminum curtain wall shall be checked before construction and installation, and the building design drawings shall be checked, and the buildings shall be retested. The original design shall be adjusted according to the actual measurement results before being processed and assembled. The equipment and implements used to process the curtain wall components shall be able to meet the machining accuracy requirements of the curtain wall components, and the measuring instruments shall be regularly measured and verified.

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