Anti-static floor to solve the problem of static electricity on the computer

1. For the safety of computer equipment, for schools or other qualified entities, when using computers collectively, anti-static flooring must be laid in computer classrooms. Never use ordinary chemical fiber carpets.

2. The power supply used by computer equipment must be well grounded. It is recommended to use a three-hole power outlet. Of course, the power cord must also be three-pin. Some friends use a wire to connect the chassis with the ground or the water pipe. This method does not achieve good results. If there is no grounding device, when we need to touch the card with our hands, we must touch the water pipe or wet ground with our hands to discharge the static electricity carried by ourselves and avoid the personal discharge to the card when we touch the card. Causes damage to the board. Especially in winter, when it is dry and cold, most of the clothes we wear are wool chemical fiber products, which are most likely to generate static electricity.

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